Energy of the four animals

6th – 10th August 2018 in Freiburg

This week is offered to people who are looking for new ways to expand their scope of activity and is also the start of further training to qualify as instructor for courses teaching the method ENERGY OF THE FOUR ANIMALS.

The week integrates an hours instruction each day on Marketing Strategies.
Advance Questions concerning Advertising and Publicity are welcome and can be included.

The concept ENERGY OF THE FOUR ANIMALS forms the basis for an awareness of the relation between physical deportment and spiritually-minded sensibility. The points showing Qigong forms are the basis for the exercises. They offer structure, stability and security. As a result tranquillity and concentration are focused on essentials.

The bear represents the foundation and clarifies basic factors. The principle of the crane is curious progress representing setting-out and discovery of virgin territory. The theme of the tiger is enforcement and the integration of experience is the snake’s theme. Impulses from the Fitness Concept AniMotion are included.

Duration: daily approximately 6 hours

Cost: € 650

COORDINATION: Gertrud Schröder aka Long Ping
And Professional Marketing Expert Frank M. Schenker
Languages German and English

School for martial arts and meditation “Peaceful Dragon”
Habsburgerstr. 9 “Fabrik”
79104 Freiburg

Overnight accommodation(with sleeping bag) is available at Dojo. By early reservation limited accommodation is available in the private apartment. Alternatively reasonable accommodation is offered as at for example the blackforesthostel.

Gertrud Schröder – Long Ping, Director, School for martial arts and meditation
Peaceful dragon in Freiburg Tel. +49 176 84290481

Further Information concerning comprehensive Publicity is available on request.